Bit Choice & Fitting

Every horse's mouth is different... as are their preferences.  A Consultant will assess your horse's oral conformation in detail and choose & fit a bit that suits the conformation.  

There are so many factors that affect what mouthpiece will be comfortable for a horse, including: size of tongue, location of genioglossus, length & height of the interdental space, height of the hard palate, length of the lips, to name a few.  

Many bits claim, or are believed to, prevent certain evasions but it is highly likely that any "evasions" displayed can be prevented entirely by identifying the correct bit, size and placement in the mouth for that individual horse.

The wrong bit and wrong fit can affect the horse's entire way of going, create discomfort/pain & stress and impede the horse's biomechanics.

Friends and strangers on social media will readily recommend a bit that worked for them.  Even using a trial option, it can become an expensive and frustrating experience (for rider & horse) trying to find what works best.  A Consultant will carefully assess the horse's anatomy & way of going and provide appropriate bits to try on the day.

Bridle Choice & Fitting

There are 3 sizes of bridle, right?  Well, yes, but there are many sizes of horses and their conformation, head shape and anatomy is unique.  

The anatomy of the head is complex, comprising:

- Fourteen bones of the skull

- Twelve pairs of cranial nerves (sensory & motor).

- The Hyoid Apparatus, which has direct muscular connection to the forelimbs and sternum, and myofascial connections to the rest of the body.

- The Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ) is highly innervated and sensitive

With a detailed understanding of the cranial anatomy and connections to the rest of the musculoskeletal system, a qualified Consultant can ensure that the bridle will not cause pain, stress nor will it affect the horse's performance (balance, posture, stride length, engagement, ability to flex... the list goes on).

But anatomical bridles fix this, right?  Many anatomical or comfort bridles can actually cause problems and can be difficult to fit to avoid sensitive areas.

The bottom line is that no one bridle will fit or suit every horse.  A consultant can assess your horse's individual anatomy and ensure that your bridle is both comfortable and does not impair your horse's performance.


A happy & comfortable horse, leading to a harmonious 

connection between horse & rider


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